Epoxy Flooring Ideas for Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Projects

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Kitchens and bathrooms in homes are popular areas to remodel because they get the most use. They are also areas of your home that are vulnerable to various issues with moisture, and sometimes, choosing the right flooring can be difficult. Epoxy flooring is a great option for these areas of your home because it is versatile and provides an attractive look. The following epoxy flooring ideas are some of the solutions you might want to consider for your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project:

Using Epoxy to Refinish Existing Flooring

You might not even need to replace floors when using an epoxy coating. There are options to repair and restore the existing floors and use an epoxy coating for the new finish. This is a great option for wood floors if you have old hardwood in the kitchen. Epoxy can also be used to ¡ add a protective coating to other materials such as tile.

Wall-to-Wall Epoxy Floors

Another option to consider is wall-to-wall epoxy floors. This means that every surface of the flooring is to be coated in an epoxy finish. These epoxy surfaces can be used throughout your home to create a unique and interesting look for the interior design. This can also be great if you are remodeling a bathroom and want to do a continuous design with the floors and a walk-in shower. The epoxy can be used not just for the floors of a walk-in shower but it can also be used to finish other surfaces in the design for a unique look.

Picking the Right Epoxy Flooring Colors

One of the great advantages of using epoxy is the many choices when it comes to colors and design. You want to consider some things when choosing the colors of the new epoxy floors in your home, though. Choosing the colors for your epoxy flooring is a big part of having fun with it. But too many colors can make it difficult to choose one. Try to combine colors that work well together for the design of the floors and match them with other decorations in your bathroom or kitchen design.

Additional Epoxy Coatings and Finishes

There are also options for epoxy coatings to consider for other features when remodeling. These surfaces can be used for a variety of different finishes in your bathroom or kitchen remodeling. There are also options like creating a walk-in shower with epoxy coatings or doing the backsplash in the kitchen with an epoxy finish. You can also you epoxy for coatings on walls in various areas of your home.

Before planning a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, contact an epoxy flooring service to use these ideas.