Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Dumpster Rental

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Renting a garbage bin isn't always a priority for most homeowners. But you might require renting one if you're dealing with lots of garbage. While renting a dumpster is pretty straightforward, most people still make mistakes. These mistakes can happen when procuring the dumpster or during the rental period.

Unfortunately, these mistakes can impede your project or result in unnecessary expenses. Below are some common mistakes you should avoid when looking for a dumpster for rent to avert such problems. 

Ordering the Wrong Size

Most people don't do an inventory of their expected waste. This becomes difficult for them to determine the correct dumpster size. To avoid such a mistake, contact the dumpster rental company, and ask them to advise you about dumpster sizes. If you rent a small dumpster, you'll have to switch out, which costs money too.

If you anticipate that your renovation project will produce a lot of waste, rent the biggest dumpster available. Don't make the mistake of renting a small one to cut costs because you'll end up spending more money than you expected.

Overfilling Your Dumpster

Dumpster containers have a weight capacity that you shouldn't exceed. So, don't assume that you can get away with overfilling your dumpster rental. Dumpster companies take overfilling seriously because it's a safety threat. 

Besides, it's hard to cover overfilled dumpster containers, which means insects will hover around, spreading diseases easily. Most companies will even overcharge you for overloading their containers. To avoid such unnecessary expenses, don't exceed the maximum weight capacity of your dumpster.

Disposing of Hazardous Material in the Dumpster

Dumpster companies have strict rules when it comes to the disposal of hazardous materials. You can dispose of construction materials, plant and food materials, and old appliances as well. 

On the other hand, you aren't allowed to dispose of any materials that can cause environmental contamination. Some prohibited items include batteries, propane tanks, old paint, and chemicals. If you aren't sure about any product, ask your dumpster company.

Placing the Dumpster at the Wrong Spot

Before renting a dumpster container, you should identify a good spot to place it. You can decide to place it in your backyard or driveway. Whichever spot you choose, ensure that the container doesn't impede traffic or interfere with parking patterns.

If you plan on placing the dumpster on the road, get a permit to avoid any trouble with the authorities. Finally, you need to check whether your municipality has any rules on where dumpsters should be placed.