A Beautiful Summer Option For Your Home

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With temperatures varying in the 70s during the month of July, Canada is a prime place to live. In order to get the most out of the warm summer months, most people enjoy the pool or go beachside. This year, it's time to try something not only you can enjoy, but that the kids and the grandkids can enjoy as well. Spray pad construction is a fun, cost effective way to enjoy the summer at home.

Spray pad construction begins with a professional coming out to your home. The first thing they ask is what type of spray pad would you like. This is your chance to help establish a design that suits your needs perfectly. This is also the time to pick out your spray pad surfacing. Spray pad surfacing is important when it comes to safety and overall design.

Once the plans have been draw up, excavation will begin. During this process, about 12 inches must be excavated from the ground to insure proper construction of the spray pad. Afterwards, the shape and design is formed, and internal plumbing is installed. Once in place, a sand base is laid that protects the plumbing from damage. Then the professionals will begin to work in the water play features and connections; this is before they place the oversized water tank.

Once everything is in place, workers will compact the ground with a gravel mixture before rebar is added in. Once the steel is properly placed, concrete is then poured in and sets about 30 days before additional equipment is installed. Once the concrete has dried, the rest of the equipment like sanitizers, pumps, and filters are added. At this point, everything should be ready to be hooked up and placed inside a protected enclosure near the spray pad. Once tucked away, the magic happens. The final step of adding in the above ground features begins.

One of the features will be the spray pad surfacing options you chose at the start of construction. There are several options to include, such as rubber, polysoft aqua, and brush concrete. Rubber is ideal because it offers a non-slip, non permeable surface. Its comfort and durability are among its other features. Poly soft aqua is good, as it provides a soft, comforting feel and reduces heat. Among the options, many simply choose brushed concrete, as it is most popular. Once all the features are in place, you will have a beautiful, interactive spray pad to enjoy.