Refresh The Look Of Your Deck With Power Washing

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If you have a deck, proper maintenance can keep it in great condition through every season. Because outdoor decks are exposed to the elements, the wood can be prone to getting mold and mildew on it which causes an unsightly appearance. Thankfully, using a pressure washer to clean your deck is a simple and effective way to refresh your deck so it looks clean and beautiful again.


Before you start power washing, make sure you're already familiar with the machine. It's a good idea to do a small test wash on your driveway so you can get a feel for the washer and how it works. Always attach a fan tip to the nozzle of the machine when power washing a wooden deck. Fan tips help spread the water out more evenly since a direct hit of water can gouge in the wood. Before you start working, make sure children and pets are indoors and always wear protective goggles and boots. Since pressure washers deliver water at a high volume really quickly, debris can be kicked up and get into your eyes. Sweep your deck off and clear it of any excess debris and remove all patio furniture before you start.

Washing The Deck

When you're ready to start power washing, use long, sweeping motions. Only clean one section at a time until it looks completely clean; otherwise, you'll have to go back and start all over again. Depending on the size of your deck, you may need to pressure wash one area per day so you can truly see the difference in the sections that have been cleaned. Use clean water and don't add any other cleaning concentrates. Regular clean water from your garden hose should do the job just fine. Use sweeping motions starting from the point closest to your house and going outward.

Cleaning Corners

The corners of your deck can be challenging when you pressure wash. Since the water has nowhere to go, it often comes back and right into your face, which is why wearing eye protection is so important. Start washing the inside corner first and spray outward. Work out of a corner rather than into one. Think about the letter "L" when you're pressure washing corners. Create an "L" shape with the nozzle, performing a long sweep into the corner and then a short one going out. This will help the cleaning look more uniform and you'll be pressure washing in the correct direction to keep it away from your face and body as you go. If you're looking forward to a clean deck this spring and summer, consider pressure washing for an effective way to restore its beauty.

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