Add Living Space With An Attic Conversion

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If you are looking for a way to add more living space to your home, an attic remodel is often a good option. In many cases, an unfinished attic can be converted to an extra bedroom or home office to create more living space without adding on another room. Here is a look at some of the key considerations to think about when you are contemplating this type of home renovation.  


The first step in the attic conversion process is determining whether your attic is a good candidate for a remodel. If your attic has "W" shaped trusses, then the expense of finishing the attic might not be worth the effort. If your attic is framed with normal rafters, the space should be a good candidate for conversion. Also, the dimensions of the attic must conform with local building code requirements. Typically, local building codes require finished attics to have 70 square feet of space where the ceiling is 5 feet high or more. The attic must be at least 7 feet high in half of the usable space as well, according to the Bob Vila web site. 


If the attic is currently reached by a ladder or hatchway, then you will need to add a staircase that complies with local codes. If the attic already has a staircase, you will need to determine if it's compliant. Codes usually require that attic stairs be at least 36 inches wide and have treads that are at least 9.5 inches deep. The rise between treads should not exceed 7-¾ inches.  


Windows are an important consideration in any attic conversion. Many conversions need windows added to the space to turn a gloomy room into one brightened with natural light. Another crucial consideration is egress. Codes require that finished attics used as bedrooms have egress windows. An egress window is one that allows a person to escape in case of a fire. A dormer will typically satisfy this requirement. A skylight might as well, depending on it's distance from the floor. 


One common concern homeowners have about attic conversion is storage. If you plan to convert the space to a bedroom, for example, then you don't want to fill up the room with bulky dressers. One good solution is to create built-in storage. This type of storage is built into the finished walls of the attic, which leaves you with more living space. 

Finishing your attic is a great way to give you and your family more room for your daily activities. For more information, contact a home renovation specialist in your area, such as M L W Contracting Ltd renovations