Different Options For Taking Care Of The Trees On Your Property

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When you have trees that need some attention, you have to determine what type of work they require. Some trees require a small amount of work, while others are unsuitable for staying in your yard. By knowing all of your options, you will pick the right service for dealing with the trees on your property.

Prune and Inspect the Trees

Even if the trees on your property seem healthy, you still need to prune and inspect them/. Pruning your trees is a good way to remove dead branches that broke and it allows you to shape the look of each tree.

The pruning process also gives you the opportunity to look for insects or other problems like plant diseases that will eventually harm the tree. You want to inspect the different sections of the trees and look for damaged bark and any discoloration of the foliage.

By inspecting the trees, you may find a bigger problem that needs to be dealt with. For example, the Emerald ash borer is an insect that feeds on the leaves of ash trees. This insect also makes their nests inside the trunk and woodpeckers damage the tree trying to eat the larva.

Unfortunately, most insects and diseases do not go away on their own and will spread to other trees throughout your property.  However, by taking the time to inspect and prune your tree on a regular basis, you will notice the signs of an infestation. If a problem is found, you need to find a reliable arborist to help you determine which methods are best for dealing with your problem.

Remove a Tree

When a tree is unsuitable, you need to remove the tree, which may include the stump as well. For example, a basic tree removal involves cutting off the branches and then the trunk. With a healthy tree, you can stop at this point, especially if you have plants around the base of the tree you do not want to damage.

However, it is important to note that if you are removing the tree because of an infestation or disease, you should not leave the stump. The stump does not mean that the tree is dead, because the roots are still intact. With the root system intact, the tree has the ability to grow back and it will have the same problems as before. Failure to remove the entire tree also means you are making it possible for the problem to spread throughout your yard.

By taking the time to look through the different services your trees require, you have a great opportunity to keep them healthy and remove the damaged portions. It is always a good idea to consult a tree removal company, so they can help you identify any damage you discover.