Advantages Of Double Walled Fuel Tanks

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Double walled fuel tanks are becoming much more popular as environmental concerns skyrocket. Although slightly more expensive, renting a double walled tank will give you the security that you need to make sure that nothing will be able to go wrong with your fuel storage system and that you won't be involved in an environmental disaster. There are three main advantages that are associated with renting a double walled fuel tank.

1. Keeps Spills Contained

Double walled fuel tanks keep spills well-contained because should the inner wall, or the part of the tank that is in direct contact with the fuel, fail, the second, outer wall will catch the fuel before it is able to leak out of the tank entirely. This is extremely helpful for two reasons. The first reason is that it allows you to make sure that the fuel never reaches the outside environment. If fuel should escape its tank, there's a chance that it could run into a local water supply and pollute it, or kill the plants and animals in the area. By having a double walled tank, you make sure that this never happens.

The second reason why this is helpful is that it keeps all of the fuel from accidentally being wasted. When the second, outer wall catches the fuel that leaks from the inner wall, it can still be obtained and used for fueling purposes. If the fuel should hit the ground, it is no longer able to be used and the money spent on it has been wasted.

2. Is Able to Monitor Itself

Many double walled tanks are equipped with monitors that will alert you if the inner tank has a leak. They either use a dipstick or an electronic sensor that allows them to distinguish if anything has entered the space between the inner tank and the outer tank. This is helpful because it will allow you to stop the leak of the inner tank almost immediately.

3. Can Be Filled With Anti-Corrosion Solution

Finally, as an additional form of protection, the space between the inner and the outer tank can be filled with a solution that is designed to prevent the inner tank from corroding, therefore reducing the chances that leaks will form. Although this doesn't allow you to recover any fuel that spills out of the inner tank, it greatly reduces the chances that the inner tank will leak in the first place.

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