Long Term Camping In The Winter? 3 Things You Should Make Sure You Have

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Camping is a great way to get away, and much cheaper than staying in a hotel. It can be fun cooking over a fire, and being out in nature. To make sure your trip is a good one for you and your family, make sure you have everything you need. This will ensure that everyone stays safe and happy during your time away.

Drinking Water

Take enough drinking water to last you through your trip. Once you figure out how much you think you need then double this amount. You can go without food much longer than you can without water. The average amount of time a person can go without water is three days. If you do run out of water, you can use snow to make some. Make sure the snow is pure white, and if it is currently snowing, freshly fallen snow is best, as you know it will not have any impurities. Do not collect snow that has fallen under trees, as it could have bird droppings in it. Do not collect snow that is close to any areas that animals are likely to run through. Remove the top layer of snow first, and use the snow below the surface.

Place a pot over a fire and add a small amount of snow at a time stirring it as it melts. Remember it takes a lot of snow to make a lot of water. If you want to sanitize it, let it boil for a few minutes once all the snow melts. You should now have clean drinking (potable) water for you and your family. Since you are camping in the winter, you likely will have all the water you need using this process. Click here for more information on potable water in Fort McMurray.  

Fireproof Resistant Clothing

Because you are likely going to build fires to get warm, cook, etc., make sure you have fire resistant clothing to wear as an outer layer. Visit a store that sells outdoor camping equipment store and buy a jacket, as well as pants. This not only protects you from fire, but also gives you another layer of clothing to stay warm.

Some fire resistant materials include:

Layers of Clothing

The best way to clothe yourself for winter weather is by wearing layers. The layers should dry quickly, be breathable, and waterproof. The first layer should be made from a synthetic fabric. This is because if you perspire, the wetness will evaporate quickly. The second layer is the layer that retains your body heat. Choose pants and shirts made of micro fleece. Choose a synthetic waterproof material as your outer layer for your jacket and pants. This will block wind and water from your body, keeping you warmer.

Do not forget to bring along several pairs of thick socks, hat, and gloves. Try your socks on with your boots to make sure they fit properly.