Tips For Staging A House

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Drawing in buyers is what every home owner wants when trying to sell their house. There are a lot of tricks that people spout off, such as making your home smell like cookies or pie, painting certain ways, and highlighting different areas. One of the best tips though for getting buyers to submit an offer is to stage your home. This provides a way for people to see how their home could look, without actually bringing their furniture. Use the following tips to maximize your home staging experience. 

Keep It Simple

Don't worry about including every piece of furniture a homeowner will have. Instead, focus on putting in basic pieces so the buyer gets a good idea of spacing. The best example of this is in the living room. Imagining how couches will fit in a room isn't an easy feat. But, if you set up the living room with couches and a coffee table, people walking through your home can get an idea how much room they will have once their furniture is in the home, even if they are different sizes.

Keep all areas clean and free of clutter. If you are staging your home through furniture you are buying used rather than renting from a site furnishings company, make sure the pieces are clean and free of food, dirt, and fingerprints.

Keep It Neutral

Your tastes in colors are going to be different than other people's tastes. Placing a bright orange couch in the room might attract some buyers, but it can turn away others, even if they don't realize that's what bothered them. Stick to furniture that is fairly neutral in color. You are not decorating the house for them; you are only making a house feel like an attractive home.

Stay Classic

Renting staging furniture from a site furnishing company, like Knecht & Berchtold Inc, can give you a lot of options. They cater to many different companies and industries, but that doesn't mean you should pick just anything from their inventory. Instead, pick pieces that are classic in design. This helps you avoid outdated furniture or something that is too different from the person's own style.

Keep it Cohesive

Going from one room to the next should not feel like changing houses. Keep the styles and colors complementary to one another. You are trying to make the home speak to a buyer. Don't send the wrong message by mismatching furniture. When everything is put together nicely to make an attractive looking home, you are truly helping it have a message.