How To Install Your Custom Glass Doors

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Having custom glass doors to your shower is a great way to add style to your bathroom. You can have your custom glass doors manufactured by a professional glass maker and then you can do the installation on your own. This article will explain the process and all the tools you will need.

Having the Doors Made

The first step is to have your glass doors made. The glass maker will have to come to your property and take measurements. They will not only take measurements for the glass pane, they will also make sure to cut all the railings and tracks to the proper size. Basically, they will produce an entire glass shower door kit that you can then install.

Handling the Glass

You will certainly want to be very careful when handling the class. You want to move it in a large flatbed truck, and do not put any weight on top of it. Be sure to pad it with large moving blankets or pillows. That being said, Glass shower doors are made out of tempered glass. This is a glass that is reinforced and made so it does not shatter or crack easily. It is required by law that shower doors are made out of tempered glass because it does not break into sharp pieces. When tempered glass does break, it breaks into small round pebbles that are much less harmless than normal glass.

Installing the Tracks

The most difficult part of installing shower door is installing the track. Luckily, the track will already be cut to the right length. You'll need to secure it to the floor with the proper bit. If you have a tile floor you will need to use a masonry bit. You can use standard fasteners if you have a wooden or linoleum floor. The track should also be fitted with pre-drilled holes for the screws. You will need to use a level to make sure the tracks are level. After the tracks are fastened to the walls and floor, you want to apply waterproof caulk to the edges. This will secure the tracks even further and stop water from getting underneath them.

The glass doors are made so they can be easily hung to the top track after it is installed. The maker of your custom shower glass door will probably give you a few tips for properly installing the glass. So, you have complete confidence when taking on this project.