How To Install Crown Molding

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Are you looking for a cost effective home remodel to invest in? If you are looking for a smart home remodel, you should consider investing in crown molding. Crown molding is molding that goes along the top corner of your walls (where they meet the ceiling). It can add a lot of style and a sense of class to any room. This article will explain what you will need to install crown molding on your home interior.

Tools You Will Need

The most essential tools for installing crown molding are a compound miter saw, an air compressor and a finish nail gun. You will also need some basic handheld tools and equipment like a utility knife, sandpaper, measuring tape and caulk gun. If you do not own some of the rare pieces of equipment, you can simply rent them.

Cutting the Molding

Cutting the molding with a miter saw is easy if you set up a simple cutting station. Setting the saw on top of a table will make it easier because you will not need to bend down as much. A longer table will stop the long pieces of molding from falling after they are cut. When measuring the molding you can get a more accurate cut if you hold it up to the wall and mark the back edge. This is quicker than using the measuring tape for each cut.

Attaching the Molding

The next step is to attach the molding with the nail gun. When installing long pieces of molding it is best to have two workers up on the ladder. On person can hold one end of the molding while the other nails the other end into place. Then, the extra worker can start to prepare the next piece of molding while the other is finishing nailing it into place. This makes the entire job go much quicker. Always push the crown firmly into the corner of the wall while you are shooting the nails.

Finishing the Job

To finish off the job and make it look professional you will need to caulk the edges. Caulking can be a little tricky and messy. It is easiest to just apply it with a caulk gun and then perfect the line with you finger. If you wear a rubber glove you can simply run your finger along the caulk line, smoothing it out. You will also want to fill the small holes left behind by the nail gun. You can just use the caulk and dab it into the holes with your finger.

In the end, your crown molding will look like it is part of the wall. If you choose a style that matches with the baseboard of your room, it will give it a cohesive style. For further assistance, contact professionals, such as those from Superior Buildings & Design Ltd.