How To Give Your Front Door A Refreshing Makeover

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Your front door is the entryway to your home. It's seen by everyone that drives by your house or enters into your home. The exterior of your home, including your front door, is a way to showcase your style and add curb appeal to your house. See below for ways to give your front door a refreshing make-over.

Paint. Painting your front door is probably the easiest way to give it an update. You can go simple with plain white, or go for bold with bright yellow, orange or blue. Use white to trim around your door to really make these bright colors stand out. If using bright colors isn't your thing, go with red, navy blue or even black. Paint your front door using an oil based paint with a satin sheen. The oil based paint is a little harder to paint with, but it allows you to easily clean your front door from grease and grime that builds up over time.

Hardware. Add new hardware to your door to make it stand out. Get rid of that old brass hardware or plain round handle. Opt for brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze finishes. Also go with a nicer handle set, as opposed to just a simple knob. You can also add a door knocker to match your handle on your front door as well.

Stencil. Stenciling your front door is a way to add style, rather than painting your entire door. You can stencil your house numbers onto your door and add the street name as well. Add a simple welcome sign using vinyl, stick-on letters, or even paint a stenciled design of your own on your front door. You can stencil on the glass portion of your door as well, using frosted contact paper. Simply cut out your stenciled design on the contact paper and place on the glass of your front door. Use a credit card to get any bubbles out of the paper.

Extras. Add some extras to really make your front door pop. Add a beautiful wreath to your front door with a brushed nickel or black wreath holder. Wooden monogram letters of your last name are also a great way to add style to your front door. Use your wreath holder to hold these letters as well. 

Dress up your porch next to your front door to also refresh your door.