Fixing Minor Cracks In Your Wood Overhead Door

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Extreme weather, high humidity levels, and the aging process can all be to blame for the development of small cracks in your wood overhead door over the years. If you are like many homeowners, you may think that repairing this minor damage will inevitably require the skills of a professional contractor, along with a sizable financial investment. However, the truth is, repairing this damage yourself can be both easy and affordable. Following the steps outlined below will allow you to accomplish this goal.

What You Will Need

Step 1: Remove All Debris

Any debris that remains when you begin the process of filling in the damaged areas of your door will become a permanent part of your door. Furthermore, this debris could ultimately compromise the strength of your repair patch and result in the need for additional repairs in the near future. In order to prevent this from happening, you will need to ensure that all dust, dirt, damaged wood, and other debris is removed from the door's surface.

Begin by using your sanding block to remove any paint, along with any debris from the surface of your door surrounding the damaged area. Next, use your rotary tool to reach deep into the crack and clean away any damage wood or other particles that have become trapped inside. Finally, using a clean, dry paintbrush, clean away any sawdust or other debris that has settled on the surface of your door.

Step 2: Fill The Cracks

Using your putty knife, begin filling each crack with a generous amount of wood putty. You will need to ensure that the putty is reaching even the deepest areas of the crack so be sure to use an appropriately sized putty knife when completing this task. If you are unable to find a putty knife small enough to reach deep within the crack, you can rely on small popsicle sticks or similar objects to help you deliver putty to the deeper levels of the damage.

Once the crack is filled completely, use the flat edge of your putty knife to wipe away any excess putty. Allow the putty to dry overnight before moving on to the final step.

Step 3: Sand And Seal

Using a fine grit sandpaper, gently sand the recently repaired area until it is smooth and blends well with the surrounding door. Finally, to eliminate the visibility of your repairs, simply apply a fresh coat of wood stain or paint to the repaired area.

A Final Thought

When dealing with minor cracks in your overhead door, this repair process above will be the easiest and most affordable way to repair the damage. However, it is important to remember that this repair process is not designed to help you deal with severe damage. If your wood door has been severely damaged or is no longer working properly, you will need to seek out the services of an experienced garage door contractor, such as Calgary Overhead Doors LTD, in your local area.