4 Reasons To Avoid Putting Off A Windshield Replacement

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Cracks in your windshield are not something that you should ignore, as they can eventually lead to safety concerns or result in a ticket due to obstructed vision. You may be putting off this necessary repair, but you should consider the following 4 reasons to get it done sooner rather than later.

Cracked Windshields Cause Safety Issues

A windshield does more than stop the wind from getting inside while driving. It can play an important role in the structural integrity of your car, support the frame, and help with airbag deployment.

Your windshield was created using two separate glass panes that are held together using vinyl. The vinyl prevents your windshield from shattering in a car accident. If a large crack forms on the windshield, it could result in moisture getting between the layers and reducing your windshield's effectiveness.

OEM Glass Is Not Required

You might not want to fix your windshield due to the high cost of a new piece of glass from the manufacturer. Thankfully, you can save money by getting aftermarket glass. Parts from the manufacturer can be much more expensive than aftermarket parts, and they both will have met the same safety standards.

A proper installation is more important than where the part came from. Windshield replacement should only be done by a professional auto glass repair shop (such as Hartwell's Glass & Mirror Co Ltd).

Insurance May Lower The Cost

Your auto insurance may cover the cost of a broken windshield, especially if you are using aftermarket parts that are cheaper. As long as the damage didn't occur due to reckless driving behavior, filing an insurance claim for your broken windshield should not impact your auto insurance's annual premiums.

Windshield Replacement Is A Quick Process

Having a new windshield installed should not take very long, so there is no need to worry about your car being in the shop for days. The process of replacing the windshield itself takes around 1 hour, and depending on the weather, you may be able to drive your car home the very same day.

The adhesives that hold the windshield in place take approximately 12 hours to dry. If the weather is sunny with no rain in the forecast, you should be fine driving your car home the same day.

Repairing a cracked windshield is easier than you think. By taking care of the problem sooner rather than later, it will ensure your safety when driving your car.