3 Ways To Prevent Mold In Your Crawlspace

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Do you have a crawlspace in your home? A crawlspace can be a great storage space, especially if you don't have a basement. It can also provide access to the home's foundation, piping, and ducts in the event that you need major repairs. However, a crawlspace can be a breeding ground for mold. This is because crawlspaces often don't have great ventilation, so warm air can accumulate. Additionally, moisture from the ground below can seep into the crawlspace's air. This isn't just a problem for the crawlspace. Mold in the crawlspace can come up into your home through your floors and walls. Here are three great ways to prevent that from happening:

Seal any cracks in your foundation. Foundation cracks are the easiest way for moisture to get in your home. They can form quickly and they may not be easy to notice. Regularly check both the inside and outside of your foundation and look for cracks. If the cracks are small enough, you can fill them with sealant that's available at nearly any hardware store. You can also place a plastic tarp or vapor barrier down under the dirt in your crawlspace and up around the concrete walls. The combination of sealant and vapor barrier can go a long way toward keeping moisture out.

Make sure water drains away from your house. Standing water around your foundation is a recipe for mold and mildew. Take action to make sure your home's water waste drains away form the foundation. First, make sure all of the surrounding ground slopes away from the house. Also, make sure that all of your gutters and down spouts are in good working order and that water isn't leaking out onto the ground below. Cleaning your gutters is also important. If your gutters are clogged, the water could overflow and spill onto the ground, which could cause excess moisture in your crawlspace.

Install ventilation. Preventing mold isn't just about keeping moisture out. You also need to reduce humidity, which means you need to allow warm air to escape. You can reduce the humidity by installing vents. However, you want to do so in such a way that it doesn't also ruin your home's energy efficiency. A ventilation expert can help you do this.

If you find mold, contact a mold removal expert like ServiceMaster Of Edmonton Disaster Restoration. They can clean and remove the mold and also recommend steps to prevent future mold outbreaks.