Clean Your Home's Windows More Quickly And Effectively

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If you haven't cleaned your single-story home's windows in a long while for fear of causing streaks and having the job take all afternoon, then you will be happy to learn that this chore doesn't have to be miserable nor take a long time.

To quickly and effectively clean your home's windows like a home cleaning professional, you need the following supplies:

Using a high-quality squeegee designed for automotive use works well for residential window cleaning. An inexpensive squeegee will leave streaks and water lines on your windows, but one made of a superior rubber will cleanly and evenly remove all of the water from the glass. You can buy a rubber squeegee at any automotive parts store or home improvement center in your area.

Follow these steps to clean your home's windows in less time with better results:

  1. Place a cup of white vinegar in a bucket of warm water. The acid in the vinegar will remove stains and grease from the glass without leaving behind streaks.

  2. Using the scrubber half of the squeegee, wash the inside of the first window. Scrub to remove any stuck on mineralization or other gunk. Dry the window using your squeegee, moving from the top to the bottom, one section at a time. Wipe the rubber blade of the squeegee each time you remove it from the glass with the rag or paper towels. This will prevent water lines from forming on the glass.

  3. If there are any dried minerals, dead bugs, or old paint stuck to the glass, you should remove them with the razor blade. Being careful not to cut yourself, place the razor blade at a forty-five-degree angle from the glass, and work carefully to remove spots from the glass by pushing it up and under them.

  4. If the glass needs to be re-cleaned, then wet it once again with the scrubber side of the squeegee and then remove it with the rubber-bladed side.

For Additional Assistance

Finally, if your home's windows are excessively dirty, then you should consider hiring a professional cleaning service like X-Terra Commercial Cleaning Ltd to clean the windows for the first time. Their cleaning solutions are stronger than residential cleaning products and will clean your windows more easily. You can then follow up with regular cleanings yourself to maintain your home's sparkling clean windows.